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Profile for Crazy Evil Norm!!!

Lets go exploring!
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F NACLH20 [14355]
F Esmerelda [16889]
F Black Cutlass [12901]
F Logic [10830]
F BoogieTillYaPuke [14278]
F Obmar41 [10981]
F gon fishin [13547]
F Muirenn [13616]
F Captain Ron [13827]
F ShaneV [1009]
F Chompsta [17046]
F Captain Goosey H2O [VIP] [1087]
Name:Crazy Evil Norm!!!
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:21 Feb 2009, 1:25:46 pm
Last Active:30 Sep 2022, 4:02:41 pm
Last Action:4 hours ago
Days Old:4969
PhysicalOptions Trophies / Collectibles
Location:Bay of Honduras

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Fleet:Bonus is Good
Flotilla:The Pirates who say Ni!
Crew Health:21250/21250
Fresh Breeze!
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Crazy Evil Norm!!!'s Friends Comments
F NACLH20 [14355]
10 Sep 2022 8:35:17 pm
Congratulations! Crazy Evil Norm!!! has reached level 300.
F NACLH20 [14355]
28 Aug 2022 5:12:14 pm
Crazy Evil Norm!!! unlocked the Seasoned Traveler trophy
F Logic [10830]
26 Aug 2022 9:21:08 am
Congratulations! Crazy Evil Norm!!! has reached level 200.
F Esmerelda [16889]
31 Jul 2022 10:37:41 am
Wise words… Crazy Evil Norm!!! [14494] And now I'm paying the consequences of not listening to directions. Note to self, listen to esme next time.
F Esmerelda [16889]
19 Sep 2020 5:09:14 pm
I see just fine
F SPK [492]
15 Jun 2013 1:52:20 pm
You sent 1,000,000 Doubloons to Norm...
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