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cant be bothered Fleet

Commander:gon fishin
2nd in Command:Muirenn
Home Port:El Morro

A fleet for free loaders who just want the rewards

Booty: 250
Prize Pool: 1,880 gold
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F gon fishin3223016100/161000QuiviraOffline
F Scumspawn177308850/88500TortugaOffline
F Pennywise2213011050/110500Port of SpainOffline
F PegLeg83304150/41500Port of SpainOffline
F Muirenn108305400/54000MaracaiboOffline
F Obmar4162293100/31000El MorroOffline
F Shawn Spencer79273950/39500Port of SpainOffline
F Black Cutlass3192415950/159500MaracaiboOffline