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Topic:End of Round Fleet Prize Information (Updated)
F Hägar the Horrible [1]
24 Jul 2013 3:07:28 pm
In order to encourage early fleet creation and participation, this round will be a little different for fleet prizes, so I will announce them now.

End of round fleet gold has been significantly raised. End of round gold will be determined based on daily fleet placing (top 3) and how long the fleet has been competing.

At midnight all fleets will accumulate gold towards their end of round pool. The prize will be determined as following:

At midnight each day ranked by booty points:

- 1st place fleet will bank 30 gold per member up to 10 members. (up from 18 last round)

- 2nd place fleet will bank 22 gold per member up to 10 members. (up from 14 last round)

- 3rd place fleet will bank 16 gold per member up to 10 members. (up from 11 last round)

If your fleet has 0 booty, no gold will be banked.
Any fleets adding members just before midnight then dropping them after in order to cheat the system will have their prize pool zeroed.

The prize pool will be paid out twice. Once at the mid point of the round, without zeroing, and again at the end of the round.

To claim your prize pool you no longer need to finish in the top 3 fleets at the end of the round.

If you have a 1st placed fleet with at least 10 members every day until the end of round the top potential prize is 70,000 gold.

Each fleet will have their accumulated prize pool displayed on the fleets page.
F Hägar the Horrible [1]
22 Sep 2014 8:03:19 pm
Special Condition for End of Round 17: To be eligible for privateer and admiral days, your fleet must have a home port every midnight from October 1st, and you may only change your home port a maximum of 4 times. Dropping and claiming the same port also counts as changing.

Fleets caught intentionally siphoning booty to rig the end game rankings will be disqualified and have their prize pool zeroed.