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Profile for Dessy

I start my day with Captain Crunch and end my day with Captain Morgan. The life of a pirate
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F Muirenn [13616]
F Logic [10830]
F PegLeg [13410]
F BONES [14489]
F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
F Rosey [17187]
F dJt3xtbook [14177]
F Captain Bellamy [10230]
F cookie monster [13676]
F Mokey [13220]
F Capt'n Tern [22092]
F Problem Child [13763]
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Signed Up:15 Jan 2016, 1:35:31 pm
Last Active:12 Nov 2018, 1:26:17 am
Last Action:2 days ago
Days Old:1033
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Location:San Pedro

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Flotilla:The Pirates who say Ni!
Ship:Viking Longship
Crew Health:2200/2200
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Dessy's Friends Comments
F Mokey [13220]
9 Jun 2017 4:18:32 pm
Nice Man-O-War .. RD 23
F Mokey [13220]
6 Jun 2017 7:26:58 pm
Congrats on level 200 .. Round 23
F Problem Child [13763]
18 Aug 2016 2:40:24 am
You have burnt Zapp Brannigan's ship to the waterline! You earned 3 booty for your fleet! First kill...:)
F Problem Child [13763]
18 Aug 2016 2:13:32 am
You manage to bust dessy out of jail
F Mokey [13220]
11 Aug 2016 4:36:39 pm
Nice Flying Dutchman.. Round 21.. Sail it like you stole it;)
F Logic [10830]
3 Jul 2016 12:05:03 pm
You manage to bust dessy out of jail
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