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Profile for Mrs. Caveman

Take the long road home............
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F Q [20797]
F Muirenn [13616]
F Capt Caveman [1487]
F ★Gone Shark Fishing★ [11405]
F NACLH20 [14355]
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Name:Mrs. Caveman
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:25 Sep 2007, 12:08:03 pm
Last Active:26 Apr 2018, 5:50:48 pm
Last Action:3 minutes ago
Days Old:3866
PhysicalOptions Trophies / Collectibles
Location:Port Royal

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Fleet:Burrito Rollers
Ship:Flying Dutchman
Crew Health:14900/14900
Incarcerated for 4 minutes
Intercepted by a heavily armed British flotilla.
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Mrs. Caveman's Friends Comments
F Q [20797]
31 Mar 2018 7:42:00 pm
congrats getting the smoke ship
F NACLH20 [14355]
1 Feb 2018 8:31:30 pm
Congratulations! Nautia has reached level 100 rnd 25
F Mokey [13220]
25 Dec 2017 10:39:52 am
Nice Junk ship .. Round 24
F NACLH20 [14355]
2 Feb 2016 8:07:32 pm
Careful, it looks like youre sailing thru and oil slick! Congrats on first to get a flying dutchman rnd 20
F Captain Goosey H2O [VIP] [1087]
4 Mar 2013 8:09:08 am
Congrats in winning the QAR! You are one heck of a fishin fool!
F Rosey [17187]
8 Mar 2012 4:10:01 pm
Congrats on the little one Mrs. C!!!
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