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Profile for Somber Moon

Walk on the ocean... Step on the stones... Flesh becomes water.... Wood becomes bone...
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F Mokey [13220]
F Wishing for new PegLegs [13410]
F Chalupa Batman [20796]
F Bubbalicious [22162]
F BONES [14489]
F Barron von Rōnin [22009]
F Akula [17929]
F P Ø G Â N [20797]
F NACLH20 [14355]
F Braindead [11430]
F NCC-1701-D [21546]
F Santa's Baby [1737]
Name:Somber Moon
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:29 Mar 2009, 2:26:20 pm
Last Active:13 Dec 2017, 12:23:52 pm
Last Action:2 seconds ago
Days Old:3180
PhysicalOptions Trophies / Collectibles
Location:Bay of Honduras

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Fleet:Liars, Thieves, and Drunks
Flotilla:The Pirates who say Ni!
Ship:Heavy Frigate
Crew Health:31450/31450
Aurora Borealis
Flotilla Banner
Somber Moon's Friends Comments
F Barron von Rōnin [22009]
5 Dec 2017 4:38:45 pm
600 and still leveling.
F Barron von Rōnin [22009]
22 Nov 2017 8:10:26 pm
Moonie has gained bad ass status at level 500, round 24!
F Chalupa Batman [20796]
22 Nov 2017 7:55:17 pm
22 Nov 2017, 7:18:21 pm Achievement unlocked! You have been awarded the 500 Club trophy! Congrats on this phenomenal accomplishment!
F NCC-1701-D [21546]
14 Nov 2017 5:51:38 am
Ewww that thing is oooogly
F Barron von Rōnin [22009]
9 Nov 2017 6:06:43 pm
Nice steamer!
F P Ø G Â N [20797]
6 Nov 2017 1:02:58 pm
Congrats on level 420 rd.24 *cough cough*
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