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Profile for Bloody Tom Harper

Go Astros!
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F Bubbalicious [22162]
F PegLeg [13410]
F Shawn Spencer [21837]
F Bay Gal [19290]
F gutmituns [12443]
F gon fishin [13547]
F Big Fat Pirateā„¢ [14103]
F Eman [12559]
F Akula [17929]
F Black Cutlass [12901]
F Snoopy [13367]
F Promise [16449]
Name:Bloody Tom Harper
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:19 Aug 2007, 5:26:34 pm
Last Active:12 Nov 2019, 9:44:37 am
Last Action:50 minutes ago
Days Old:4467
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Fleet:Big Black Rusty Pirates
Flotilla:221B Baker Street
Crew Health:10150/10150
Suck My Wake
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Bloody Tom Harper's Friends Comments
F Black Cutlass [12901]
16 Oct 2019 7:54:14 pm
Congratulations on your new MOW! Level 66, Round 28! Meet me in Madagascar :)
F Black Cutlass [12901]
28 Sep 2019 6:36:48 pm
I heard a 'Dare you'...Last seen sailing towards St Croix. Expected arrival in 78 minutes. Under repairs for 76 minutes Keelhauled by Black Cutlass
F Black Cutlass [12901]
23 Dec 2018 9:35:52 am
Congratulation Bloody Tom Harper! 1st to make the Bounty Hunter's list Round 27! Badass at level 10! ;p lmao
F Black Cutlass [12901]
8 Dec 2018 4:19:17 pm
Round 26 - You made it Level 541! Good job BTH!
F Black Cutlass [12901]
29 Oct 2018 5:27:36 pm
Congratulations on the Dreadnought!! Prettiest ship on the seas, round 26! Sail her proud Cowboy! :)
F Black Cutlass [12901]
20 Sep 2018 1:36:13 pm
Round 26! Last seen sailing towards Dragon's Lair. Expected arrival in 114 minutes.
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