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And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance... I hope you dance.
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F BONES [14489]
F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
F Amelia Dunn [20169]
F Captain Bellamy [10230]
F Rusty Old Iron [19999]
F gutmituns [12443]
F Cap'n J [12635]
F Muirenn [13616]
F Akula [17929]
F Bay Gal [19290]
F gon fishin [13547]
F Rosey [17187]
Name:Black Cutlass
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:22 May 2008, 9:19:42 am
Last Active:14 Dec 2019, 1:39:30 pm
Last Action:2 hours ago
Days Old:4223
PhysicalOptions Trophies / Collectibles
Location:La Evangelista

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Fleet:Honorary Commanders
Flotilla:The B-B & O
Ship:Chinese Junk
Crew Health:5500/5500
Under repairs for 105 minutes
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Black Cutlass's Friends Comments
F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
10 Dec 2019 7:07:41 pm
Congratulations! BC has reached level 100! Round 29
F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
9 Dec 2019 7:28:03 am
9 Dec 2019, 7:19:42 am Black Cutlass failed to bust you out of jail. Your getting old ;P
F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
4 Dec 2019 12:10:15 pm
Couldn't find the Grey Goat so I had to. :)
F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
27 Nov 2019 7:20:42 pm
27 Nov 2019, 7:17:44 pm Black Cutlass busted you out of jail...she got lucky is all ;p
F Rusty Old Iron [19999]
27 Nov 2019 11:08:43 am
Well Done
F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
27 Nov 2019 10:55:05 am
First to Shanghai Round 29!
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