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Profile for 9 fingers

What if math teachers were really pirates and just want us to find "X" so they can find buried treasure
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Name:9 fingers
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:3 Dec 2007, 6:40:02 am
Last Active:3 Oct 2018, 7:36:19 am
Last Action:47 days ago
Days Old:4004
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1x 3 Gallons of Deckwash
1x 4th of July Snowball
1x 8 Abandoned Cans of Paint
1x Apple Pie Slice
1x Backseat Driver
1x Bill's Barnacle
1x Birthday Cake with 2 Candles
1x Birthday Cake with 3 Candles
1x Birthday Cake with 9 Candles
1x Bottle Rocket
1x Brig Master Key: Bay of Honduras
1x Brig Master Key: Bridgetown
1x Brig Master Key: Port Royal
1x Brig Master Key: San Pedro
1x Calm Seas
1x Candy Cane
1x Cannonball Magnet
1x Engraved Tankard
1x Failed Science Experiment
1x Famous Last Words
1x Festive Spiced Rum
1x Five Black Roses
1x Frankenstorm in a Jar
1x Freedoms
1x Frozen Turkey
1x Gold Pocket Watch
1x Hair of the Dog
1x Hangover Cure
1x H├Ągar's Stomach
1x Humbug
1x Imitation Monocle
1x Just Sayin...
1x Lol Wut
1x Mayan Calendar
1x Monkey Skull Dagger
1x Naughty List
1x New Beginning
1x Partridge in a Pear Tree
1x Patriotic Ship Bunting
1x Pecan Pie Slice
1x Petrified Peg Leg
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2008)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2011)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2012)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2013)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2014)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2015)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2016)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2017)
1x Pumpkin Seed
1x Razorblade Candy
1x Rubber Ducky
1x Rusty Razor
1x Salt-encrusted Marshmallow Peep
1x Salty Mashed Potatoes
1x Scary Carved Pumpkin
1x Shipwreck in a Bottle
1x Silver Tarball
1x Six Black Roses
1x Smashed Pumpkin
1x Soggy Tinsel
1x Solar Flare
1x Sticky Tarball
1x Sun Bleached Skull - Halloween 2008
1x Tempest Teacup
1x The Fish That Got Away
1x Three Black Roses
1x Tricorner Tinfoil Hat
1x Two Black Roses
1x Velvet Rose
1x Worn-out War Drum
Crew Health:50/50
9 fingers's Friends Comments
F Esmerelda [16889]
6 Jan 2016 3:18:06 pm
you really need a new comment ... so I am commenting.
F Doc Walker [11282]
3 Jul 2012 12:27:58 pm
Thanks ... 3 Jul 2012, 12:23:36 pm Mr Fingers busted you out of jail!
F PegLeg [13410]
24 Jun 2012 4:47:48 pm
9 fingers has unlocked the Freedom Fighter trophy! Congrats!
F Lady Pearl [18581]
4 Jun 2012 6:16:44 pm
9 fingers has unlocked the Stay Classy trophy! About time! :)
F PegLeg [13410]
3 Jun 2012 6:16:47 pm
Good job at trying to get out! 863 minutes in the brig!
F PegLeg [13410]
1 Jun 2012 6:58:27 pm
CONGRATS!9 fingers has unlocked the Jailbird trophy!
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