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Los Deplorables Fleet

2nd in Command:Wyatt Earp
Home Port:Tortuga

Fleet Display Image

If you are over the age of 16, mentally, don't apply.

Booty: 1,533
Prize Pool: 36,461 gold
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F NACLH20144513572250/722500PortobeloOffline
F Wyatt Earp101313550650/506500CádizOffline
F Rōnin Almighty106113410932/530500CartagenaOnline
F Big Fat Pirate™134713467350/673500Barbary CoastOnline
F Braindead35812817900/179000Bay of HondurasOffline
F Esmerelda54711127350/273500Bay of HondurasOffline
F Fallout6427832100/321000Barbary CoastOffline
F Sam Houston6337831650/316500Barbary CoastOffline
F Promise2323411600/116000TortugaOffline
F Logic453205242/226500MadagascarOnline